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Neodymium Magnetic Disc Magnets

Neodymium Magnetic Disc Magnets – The Best Magnetic Item for Magnetic Jewelry

Neodymium Disc Magnesters at Premium Sizes and Specialty Magnet Store carries a wide array of legally certified neodymium disc magnets in high quality magnetic disc configurations for online order at wholesale discount prices. From small micro-size disc magnets measuring just 0.1 inches in diameter to large cylinder shaped magnets with up to 62 pounds of pull, these discs can be used to add a new dimension to your magnetic jewelry and add excitement and enjoyment to your day. Available in different magnetic configurations, these magnetic discs are sold in a variety of disc sizes with no minimum order requirement. Depending on the desired configuration, they can be purchased by individual users or in bulk quantities by ordering online.

Neodymium disc magnets are very durable, long-lasting and reliable, and can be used in various applications. From the everyday magnetic disk holder to the larger magnetic jewelry, magnetic discs can be used for creating the perfect magnetic jewelry, such as wrist watches, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. These discs are highly versatile, since they come in different sizes, designs, and magnetic configurations. They can also be used for making unique custom made magnetic jewelry pieces. Since these discs are non-magnetic, they can be easily used for different purposes. Their versatility is their main advantage.

Neodymium disc magnets are used for making magnetic jewelry items because they are lightweight and extremely durable. These discs can withstand extreme temperatures and use and can be worn both outdoors and indoors for years at a time. Due to their rugged and long-lasting design, they are also very easy to store. Unlike other magnetic jewelry, the neodymium discs are not affected by air, water, or humidity. Therefore, they can be stored for years without having to worry about losing their magnetic properties. They can be used for making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, and other magnetic jewelry items. The discs are available in different shapes and sizes.

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