The magnetic systems for transport offered by IMA allow handling all types of loads with different sizes and shapes, if they meet the requirement of being metallic. Products widely used in the industrial field, thanks to the improvement in productivity for the company.


Different magnetic systems for the transport of materials in different industrial sectors such as:

Magnetic Palletizer and Magnetics HeadsPermanent Magnet LiftersPneumatic Magnetic Suction CupRails, Curves and Magnetic Tracks


The magnetic systems for transport are load devices used for handling all types of sizes and shapes of ferrous metals. They help reduce loading and transfer times, reducing handling costs and improving the productivity of your company.

They are used in many industries such as cutting facilities, metal joinery, foundries or steel mills, among others.
They adapt to different hooking systems, among which are cranes, minesweepers, winches, container gantries or rocker arms. The magnetic force of the systems decreases only 1% every ten years, ensuring great durability