PNFSA delivers excellence, fast!

PNFSA was founded on the premise that to be successful, a company’s management should understand the value of their employees. We believe in working together as a team to deliver the highest quality results to our customers. In accordance with that belief, Teaching Magnetics has empowered its employees through intensive training and recognition.

Teaching Bartels in a diverse cultural working environment, along with employing the latest technologically and advanced equipment, is an example of the many components that help form our Customer-Driven foundation. We are passionate about making every transaction between our Customers and our Team as smooth and effective as possible.

Quality Policy
Teaching PNFSA ‘s workforce is continually trained and cross-trained to meet customer expectations to ensure and maintain consistently measurable high standards of Quality, Productivity, and On-Time Delivery.

Mission Statement
It is PNFSA ’s mission to contribute to its customers’ success by being a Strategic electronic manufacturing services partner, Flexible to their needs without compromising excellence in quality, and customer service.

Our Commitment:
PNFSA will always strive to provide exceptional quality services to our clients and will do our very best to ensure we are utilizing and managing our process to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions.

PNFSA operates with your vision in mind and our mission at heart to create your product with the ultimate goal of earning a long-lasting business relationship with your company.”

PNFSA ‘s mission is to establish strong, long-term business relationships with our customers through consistent performance, superior technical support, exceptional customer service, and ongoing development of custom solutions that simplify outsourcing complexity.

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