The pot magnets are permanent magnets in the shape of a disk wrapped in an iron casing, to avoid damage and obtain greater security in their use. With this combination we obtain an increase in the force of attraction of the magnetized face, at the same time that we obtain different types of subjection. They are perfect magnetic solutions for use in small spaces, where a certain magnetic force is required.


A wide range of magnetic pots manufactured in different materials such as: neodymium, ferrite, alnico and others, allows multiple uses.

Neodymium pot magnetsFerrite pot magnetsSamarium pot magnetsAlnico pot magnets

Magnetic closuresRubber coated pot magnetsPot magnets Nylon coatedFixing Pot magnetsPolyurethane Pot Magnets


They have the advantage that they only magnetize on one side, the other faces being free of magnetic field. When we increase the temperature of the bases to the maximum allowed the magnetic force of the magnet is temporarily reduced between 30 and 40% and recovers its value when the temperature decreases. In case of exceeding the maximum allowed temperature, the magnet could be irreparably damaged.

We have different solutions for coating magnetic bases such as rubber or nylon coatings. Elimination of metallic noises due to friction, wear of the surface of the magnet…